Technology-Enabled Feedback in the First Year: A Synthesis of the Literature

This literature study was conducted by the Y1Feedback teamĀ  in 2015 to provide an evidence base for the case study phase of the project. The study provides a synthesis of the literature in relation to contemporary perspectives on feedback, feedback in first year, features of effective feedback, feedback approaches for first year and technology-enabled feedback.

Based on a synthesis of the literature on feedback and transitions, the project has have identified eight features of effective feedback in the first year. In addition, the project has identified a range of approaches that support these features and together they are suggested as a starting point for considering feedback processes for first year.

Features of Effective Feedback in First Year

  • Promotes feedback both within and beyond assessed work;
  • Supports the embedding of student assessment and feedback literacies;
  • Fosters student competence, motivation, and belonging;
  • Provides opportunities for dialogic feedback among teachers and peers;
  • Feeds forward to future work;
  • Supports the development of digital literacies;
  • Employs consistent and co-ordinated approaches to feedback across programmes of study; and
  • Fosters sustainable feedback practices that encourage self-regulated learning.

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